How can I use my Windows Media Player with Netscape?


You need to have the Netscape Navigator plug-in that is automatically installed with the Windows Media Player. The plug-in, Npdsplay.dll, is copied to the "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player" folder during setup. If this file is present, the plug-in will have been installed for all detected NetScape Navigator installations.

If you do not have the plug-in, you can reinstall Windows Media Player from to install the plug-in.

Once the player is installed, you may need to refresh your Web page (which should contain "navigator.plugins.refresh();") to get the plug-in table updated. Alternatively, you can enter "navigator.plugins.refresh();" in the address bar, and then reload the current page.

Note   In Netscape Navigator 6.0, you may encounter some problems with streaming media content. The plug-in architecture in Navigator 6 has been completely redesigned, which breaks compatibility with existing plug-ins. We are aware of the issue. No workaround is available at this time. The Windows Media Plug-in remains compatible with earlier versions of Netscape Navigator and other browsers.

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